June 7, 2016November 20, 2021
Destiny Campus

£ 4000000

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1500 HEROES to raise £4million

Be one of our 1500 HEROES, bringing The Destiny Campus vision alive

Bring the Destiny Campus vision alive

The vision of the Destiny Campus is to be:

  • A response to the needs of our city and beyond.
  • A haven for the young and the old, where care, support and purpose will be provided
  • A one-stop hub of light to the community. Light that inspires and restores hope again.
  • A solution for the real, social, physical, mental, spiritual and psychological issues facing the 21st century’s society.


Elements to Reconnect Communities, Inspire Hope and Raise Leaders

  • Worship Centre

    1000-capacity ultra modern worship auditorium

  • Elderly Lunch Club

    Need-based place of meeting, fellowship, dining and entertainment for the elderly

  • Community Cafe

    Creative space crowned with the beautiful scent of coffee and tea and freshly made pastries

  • Creche

    Colourful haven and play area with friendly and trained professionals, providing all-round child and early-years care

  • Youth Skills Centre

    Promoting mental and emotional wellbeing and equipping young people with essential career skills

  • Library/Literacy Centre

    Ample study/workspaces, multi-topic catalogue of books and a learning centre for all ages

  • Football Pitch

    AstroTurf Football Pitch supporting the community grassroot football league

  • Soup Kitchen/Food Bank

    Licensed kitchen where healthy food items and hot meals are served and distributed to the most vulnerable

  • Healthcare Clinic

    With trained health care practitioners providing quality healthcare to the community

  • Gymnasium

    State-of-the-art family gym fostering increased physical activity to all groups of the community