Missions of Justice

Missions of Justice

Our Mission

Covenant Church has a vision of shaping destinies.

We are committed to helping people maximise their full potential both physically and spiritually.

The purpose of the Missions for Justice is to identify and implement ways which are geared towards welcoming people to the family of Christ in a relaxed manner and to demonstrate unconditional love for them both in words and in deeds.

We also aim to reach out to the wider community in which we live.

The key aim is to bring justice to humanity through the demonstration of love and kindness to all.


Form a child care/minding service where members can volunteer in providing a service to relieve mothers/parents or enable them to find work

Pay visits to the elderly and lonely people in our community and support them with things like shopping, etc

Create a social network on the Church website.

Link up with the British Legion to give moral and emotional support especially to those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives for others and country

Create links with other organisations, private or public to seek ways through which they could support the Missions of Justice objectives.

Liaise with hospitals e.g. to provide regular visits and support.

Explore ways through which we can source funds from various sources and link up with other charities and donors who share a similar vision with Missions of Justice.

Project details