Tender Hearts

Tender Hearts

The New Mothers and Tender Hearts Ministry is geared towards helping new mothers and young babies/toddlers to come together and have a place where they can connect, share experiences and grow together while their children enjoy playtime, engage with other children and develop socially and emotionally.

The Ministry is a vital access point for the community as it is open to all families who require the service.

Tender Hearts offers mothers a place to relax in a family friendly environment. We aim to bring together mothers (and fathers!) so they can interact and help one another in making the most of raising their children.

Since its launch, Tender Hearts has been a resounding success with many mothers finding the weekly meeting a refreshing time where they got to enjoy socialising with others while their children played with friends and the vast selection toys on offer.

Toddlers who attend Tender Hearts learn to sing and dance at the end of each session which is always a popular section of the day.  

Join us every Tuesday morning from 9am FREE admission.

As a ministry we are looking forward to continuing to reach out to new mothers so they can benefit from the services we offer. We aim to visit new mothers after they come home with their baby to offer support in that transition phase and to introduce them to the wider Tender Hearts community.

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